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As a leading insurance company in the St. Louis, Missouri area, our bond-writing services help businesses manage risk, handle liability claims, and protect their interests. We have a strong track record of successfully serving the needs of businesses of all sizes throughout the area.

St. Louis Business & Surety Bonds

Bonds or surety bonds are written promises that the bearer will be reimbursed for losses or damages incurred by parties that are named within the document. These losses are usually caused by non-performance of specified duties or an act with the intent to cause damage. Therefore, surety bonds act as insurances that the bearer will not lose money that they have invested. Some of the common types of bonds businesses seek include Fidelity bonds, Contract or Construction bonds, and Commercial bonds.

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Types of Surety Bonds We Write

Business & Surety Bonds in St. Louis

At St. Louis Insurance Company, we bring you the best insurance broker services and insurance policies that can help protect your business from financial crisis. When it comes to surety bonds, we specialize in writing the following types:

  • Fidelity Bonds: These types of surety bonds are insurances that protect the policyholder from losses due to acts of fraud by third parties. The primary application is to insure businesses against losses that are caused by employees who try to scam or otherwise harm the company. Fidelity bonds protect companies from the loss of money, security, and other property from employees who are intent on causing loss to the company.
  • Contract Bonds: Also known as construction bonds, these surety bonds primarily exist to guarantee a contractors performance. They act as a promise that the bonding company will pay a certain amount if the contractor does not meet some predetermined obligation. It is designed to protect the individual against possible losses that result from failure on the contractor's part to fulfill their obligations.
  • Commercial Bonds: Commercial bonds are designed to ensure absolute adherence to laws and policies. These are most important for people that are licensed by state, city, or other local governments. These surety bonds protect the consumer from fraudulent activity or any other clause specified by the surety bond.

The Difference Between Insurance Policies and Surety Bonds

Many clients are often curious about the main differences between surety bonds and insurance policies. Insurance policies are designed to protect an individual or business against risks that come from specific day-to-day events as specified within the policy. The insured party can claim losses and receive reimbursement for covered costs. On the other hand, bonds are intended to protect the interested of companies and the individuals with whom they do business. These simply guarantee that the concerned party fulfills its obligations.

As an established surety company and insurance broker, we have the credentials and experienced to offer tailored surety bond writing solutions for all of our customer's needs. Therefore, we can assist with all your business bonding and insurance needs.

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Here at St. Louis Insurance Company, we aim to offer our clients the very best in insurance and bonding. From bond writing to writing business auto insurance and group insurance policies, we handle it all. Contact us today at 800-747-3748, and we will help you find the surety bonds and commercial insurance policies that are perfect for your needs.


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