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In today’s society, securing your business’ future through the purchase of insurance is critical. This is because the likelihood of being involved in a lawsuit is higher than you think. A number of things can go wrong very quickly at a business, and it is not always possible to anticipate them. Therefore, purchasing commercial general liability insurance or excess liability insurance is important.

However, it can be difficult for a person with little related experience to understand the various coverage options that insurance companies offer. St. Louis Insurance Company is an independent insurance agency operating out of St. Louis, Missouri.

Having been an insurance agency in the insurance industry for over 70 years, we have developed a team of professionals, who are adept at structuring innovative insurance solutions for our clients.

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What Is Commercial Liability Insurance?

Commercial liability insurance is vital in order to protect your business from lawsuits. Our commercial liability insurance policies offer competitive premiums and extensive coverage options. If you don’t purchase commercial liability insurance, your business could be susceptible to lawsuits that have the potential to threaten the financial security of your company.

Commercial Liability Insurance in St. Louis

Commercial liability insurance typically covers four main kinds of liability. This includes:

  • Costs to defend or investigate a claim
  • Expenses incurred when defending a claim
  • Judgments or settlements resulting from covered lawsuits
  • Premiums for bonds that ensure you can satisfy a judgment in a liability suit

Some of the main examples of types of lawsuits and cases in which commercial liability insurance can offer protection include:

  • In the event your business, through its product, service, or workforce, causes physical harm, bodily injury, or property damage to a client, the claimant may have the right to take legal action against your business and claim compensation. Commercial liability insurance can help cover the expenses and any judgments incurred in compensating the victim and handling the claim during litigation.
  • Commercial liability insurance also protects your business from other general liabilities. These do not refer to bodily harm or injury or property damage but are concerned with damage to an individual’s reputation or public stature or other issues such as copyright infringement.

Therefore, commercial liability insurance may help pay the financial costs of litigation and help compensate an individual that has been injured.

  • Commercial liability insurance can help with medical payments. If an accident happens on your business premises or at a job site that causes minor bodily harm or injury to an individual other than an employee, your insurance policy may protect you from the financial expenses incurred. This will include covering legal fees, settlements, litigation expenses and judgments awarded by courts.
  • If your business has rented or leased space where you are located, purchasing commercial liability insurance may help protect you from unintended property damage that you may cause to the premises.

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With the help of commercial general liability insurance, you can help safeguard the financial future of your business from expensive lawsuits and property damage claims. When purchasing commercial liability insurance, it is important to know exactly what kind of coverage you need and to understand exactly what your policy does and does not cover.

St. Louis Insurance Company’s client-oriented approach focuses on designing policies that cater to the unique needs of each of our clients. We have an extensive knowledge base when it comes to the insurance industry and commercial liability insurance. We understand that just like businesses, no two insurance policies may be the same, and exposures may require customized tailoring to provide the proper protection. With a strong reputation for providing excellent, customer focused review’s, we assure you that we can design an insurance policy that suits your business needs. Contact us to find out more about our various coverage options.


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