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There are many different types of business insurance policies that are available to clients and prospects. In general, business insurance policies are meant to protect companies against losses and other high, unexpected expenses that may occur throughout the course of doing business. Therefore, business insurance allows business owners to manage potential risks that could otherwise cost a lot of money, shut down an operation and could even bankrupt the company.

At St. Louis Insurance Company, we are a business insurance agency that offers a wide variety of insurance solutions and risk management techniques for businesses. From providing mandatory policies such as workers compensation insurance, to offering other policies that can protect a business such as commercial liability insurance, our agency can determine coverage’s that are best-suited to cover a company’s potential risks. As an independent business insurance agency, we can supply risk management techniques from a variety of insurance companies in order to find a policy or solution that fits your budget and needs.

To learn more about the business insurance policies we can provide, call us. You can also request business insurance reviews for all types of policies by completing our online contact form.

What We Offer as a Business Insurance Agency

As a leading business insurance agency, we strive to provide our clients the most beneficial risk management techniques as possible. Our goal is to protect your assets, and use the best and most competitive methods possible. Here are some of the many types of business related insurance policies we have to offer:

  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance: Also called business auto insurance, this type of insurance is meant to cover company owned, non-owned or hired autos.  This type of insurance is much like private auto insurance, except these policies are developed specifically for company vehicles. We recommend that you consult with a business insurance agency, so that you fully understand what your needs are and what your particular policy covers.
  • General Liability Insurance: Commercial liability insurance protects business owners against liability claims based on negligence, bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, EPLI coverage and a host of other exposures. This type of insurance not only covers expenses paid to individuals, but also often covers the legal fees should the company be taken to court over a covered incident. When buying commercial liability insurance, you should talk with a business insurance agency to fully understand the details of a policy and the exposures and damages that it covers.
  • Commercial Property Insurance: A commercial property insurance policy is designed to protect a company’s building and business personal property as well as intangibles such as business income, extra expense and other forms of coverage. These policies usually protect against losses caused by fires, natural disasters, theft, named perils coverage and open peril coverage if requested. Most businesses, including retailers, contractors, manufacturers, medical centers etc. are advised to have this type of insurance. As a leading business insurance agency, let us help you compare commercial property insurance policies from many carriers and assist you in selecting the best policy to protect your assets.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance: This type of insurance is designed to provide payments to replace a portion of lost wages, compensate economic losses, and cover the medical bills of employees who are injured on the job. Worker compensation insurance is statutorily required by state law for most Missouri companies. If you are looking for a worker’s compensation insurance policy that will best suit your needs, consult us to see the options available to you and determine the best options for your type of business.

Why a Business Insurance Agency is Necessary

Business Insurance Agency in St. Louis

Regardless of the nature of your business, there are always risks involved that need to be managed. In order to decide how to manage this process, let St. Louis Insurance Company assist you in choosing the proper fashion to do this which may include avoidance, retention, assumption, or buying insurance. At St. Louis Insurance Company, we will not only help you understand the different types of insurance available to you, but we can help you compare many different polices from a variety of carriers in order to allow you to select a policy that best meets your needs.

Make St. Louis Insurance Company Your Business Insurance Agency

When you come to St. Louis Insurance Company, we make it our goal to provide you with the best risk management techniques to use in determining if insurance is the proper method for protecting your assets. To learn more about this or using insurance to solve your companies asset protection or to request a quote, visitation or renewal review call us today.


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